Photos Of Katie Price Strips To Her Underwear To Show Off Her ‘Asset’


Glamour Girls star, Katie Price took her love of stripping off one step further on Sunday, as she posted *very* raunchy, and slightly bizarre pictures of herself.

Price admitted that she wanted to show off how even her tan was, and thought the best way to do it was to get her kit off.

And The Pricey enlisted the help of her hubbie for the at-home photoshoot, which had a *ahem* rather classy silver curtain as a backdrop.

To elongate her slimline legs, Katie donned towering pair of glitzy blue heels, and she parted her legs to create a pretty raunchy pose.

And in true Jordan style, she wore a teeny tiny blue thong, leaving pretty much nothing to the imagination.

The mother-of-four proved that she really is body-confident, looking trim and toned and with a perfectly even tan.

She captioned the snap: “Thought I’d show how brown and even my tan is 😉 thanks @kieran0322 for taking pic ;))))).

She then uploaded a slightly more modest pic – of her face – to show off her spray tan even more, just in case we were in any doubt.

Last week Katie faced backlash after posting snaps of her kids on Twitter, and later made a thinly-disguised attack on ex-hubbie Peter Andre.

She wrote: “Everyone knows what three of my children look like, I haven’t made money or sold these pictures! I’m proud like any other parent.

SEE below photos:



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