I See A New Nigeria Filled With Love – Jonathan




President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday assured Nigerians that the security challenges facing the country, especially in the North Eastern states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa are euphemeral which the nation will overcome.

The President who spoke yesterday at a thanksgiving service to conclude the centenary celebration urged Nigerians to show more love to one another.

According to the President , his vision for the country is a new Nigeria filled with love noting that love for one another should be unconditional.

The president said although some people at the beginning of the centenary celebration had expressed misgivings that the celebration was not necessary, those who had such opinions had been proved wrong by the enthusiasm expressed by Nigerians.

“I believe that we must remember our past because if those in the Nordic region can celebrate 200 years of not fighting wars, Nigeria has enough reasons to celebrate. Nigeria will surely get over her challenge”.

He added: “Let us show love even when it hurts most, for our lives will be more fulfilled in giving love to others.

“Few days ago, all our leaders gathered and our nation honoured them for their labour of love. I see a new Nigeria filled with love, I see a new Nigeria with treated determination, I see a new Nigeria with passion for a greater Nigeria.

“Of course, this is my article of faith and hope for a brighter future and our commitment to realising a united and creating a Nigeria that our children will be proud of is what I request from all of us.

“I have one appeal to all Nigerians, to show love to one another more than ever before regardless of tribe and religion or race”.

In his message, the retired Prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Sunday Ola Makinde, urged the federal government to unravel the sources of funding for the terrorists and their collaborators in Nigeria with the view of ending the groups’ activities in the country.

Makinde, while also challenging those residing in the communities where Boko Haram members operate, noted that only an internal mechanism that identifies and check the activities of the Boko Haram collaborators in their neighbourhood will assist government end the mayhem being visited on the communities in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa

“Find out the source of funding of Boko haram, where do they get their weapons, how do they get through the borders, where do they get to buy their food, is there a separate market for Boko Haram”?

“The Yorubas have an adage that says “Without enemies within, enemy without cannot strike. We have internal and external collaborator. God will expose them”

While praying God to “wage war against those who are waging war on Nigeria”, he also admonished Nigerians to ensure that “ our words and our actions heal and build Nigeria” because “united we stand, divided we fall”


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