Watch Newborn Twins Hugged Each Other During First Bath

Being born must be pretty scary, but if you have a buddy it makes things better.


This lovely video shows just how much newborn babies love to be held, and how they come into the world with the need for the human touch.

It’s not news that keeping a tiny baby close to the body either skin-on-skin (or in a sling) has immense benefits for the child, but this video takes kangaroo care one step further:

Newborn twins being bathed clasp onto one each other in what may the most perfect hug captured on film, ever.

Twins are said to have an unusual bond: After spending so much time in the womb, their bond is often life-long and can even be expressed in ways such as one twin seemingly reading the other’s mind or feeling another twin’s emotions despite that twin being on a different continent.

Twins have been central to mythology for this very reason, but we think this delightful video of twins holding each other and enjoying the comfort a hug offers is real and inspiring.

Take a look at these newborn twins hugging




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