Musician Eedris Abdulkareem Is Now A Farmer

Nigerian hip-hop star, Eedris Abdulkareem has revealed he is now into farming.
In a recent interview with a popular tabloid, Eedris said he has invested the millions he made from music in a large-scale agro-business in Kano State, adding that most of his time is spent on the farm where he cultivates maize and other crops for export and also abroad where he sells his crops.
“I am a farmer now. Since 2001, I have been fully engaged in agricultural activities and have investment in metals. I have vast land where I cultivate maize and other fruits for export in Kano,” he said.
According to the ‘Jaga Jaga’ crooner, this aspect of his life has been kept secret because he doesn’t want distraction.
Eedris said he’d be launching a new project which he calls, ‘I Am A Nigerian Project,’ soon and it has already commenced with the release of Godfather Godson, a single contained in an upcoming 16-track album that will be released later this year on La Cream Music label.
Aside being an artiste, he is also a social crusader bent on seeing a new Nigeria where everyone will live in peace and abundance.

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