I Have Not Come To Abuja For Politics – Commissioner Of Police Deployed To Abuja

Police Commissioner Mbu Joseph Mbu Gives First Interview After Resuming in Abuja

Ex Commissioner of Police (CP) in Rivers State, redeployed to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mbu Joseph Mbu, said in his first interview on the new post that he had not come to Abuja for politics.

Mbu said this while briefing the journalists on February 17, 2014, Monday, when he resumed duty as the new CP in charge of the FCT Police Command.

Responding to question about allegations of his non-neutrality in the political crisis in Rivers State, the new CP of the FCT said:

“Am not coming to do politics here ask questions within what I am telling you here.

“Please don’t ask me those questions, I came to the FCT to work, you can watch and monitor what is happening in Rivers State now and ask the CP there,” he added.

Mbu did not comment on the question building confidence in the public, considering the controversies in Rivers State.

“Because in Rivers State 97% of the public have confidence in the police, you can go there and ask,” he advised.

Earlier, in a prepared briefing to journalists, Mbu promised to build confidence in men of the FCT Police Command and defend police men, as long as they are doing the right thing.

“I will make sure that you, who are trying to take laws into your hands and do that which is not good, we will make sure we bring you to book, because without confidence building in the men, anybody can cow the men down and they will not do their job,” he warned.

“I don’t compromise discipline, I will ensure that the tenets of the police job are strictly adhere to, every police officer working here must be disciplined, must be civil to the public, must respect the public, but they must be very firm,” Mbu further cautioned.

He promised to install public complain boxes in public places including churches and mosques, where people will volunteer information and drop their observations about the conduct of police men within that vicinity to be investigated.

Addressing the journalists the new CP of the FCT asked them to always “report the truth”.

CP Mbu promised to build on what his predecessor has laid down, to continue from where he stopped and change where he has to.


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