For The Women: Six Smart Ways To Flirt With Your Husband

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Romance- every woman’s eternal dream! Women adore a love life where passion never ceases and love is an everlasting enigma. But unfortunately for some, it all becomes routine, mundane and boring just after a few months of marriage. That loving glance from your husband, the accidental touch, holding hands, long silent walks- everything just becomes a slow vanishing dream over the period of time. But did you know that it can all be revived? You can relive your courtship days and be naughty, and flirt with your husband again! Not just will it rekindle the flame, but will also make life much more fun. Every day will be a romantic experience! Read on to know how.

1. Few inviting words
Wake up in the morning and greet him with a simple ‘good morning’ in a husky, sleepy voice. But don’t let out more of what you feel; just go on with your routine. Those few words on the morning will set the tone for the whole day. You can repeat this trick in the evening too, by just saying a casual “hello” in a soft, inviting voice. Another trick is to call him in the kitchen asking for some help, and say something flirtatiously, and just be casual about it. He will be enticed and surprised at your bold moves.

2. Grab him close
Softly, gently, and playfully, draw him close to say something. In case he is a workaholic or not too romantic, this gesture will certainly take him by surprise (pleasantly, we assure you!). This trick will work like magic if he is of the geeky kinds, who are inept at being playful or naughty.

3. Laugh
Men love making their women laugh. In fact, they love it when you respond with a giggle or a hearty laugh at their jokes or if they say something smart. But be clever here. Don’t keep giggling away, as it will take away the fun behind the trick. Cleverly just laugh a little and start talking about something else. He will intently wait for some more, and make all effort to impress you further.

4. Soft talk
Don’t forget that he would not be interested in talking about work or household issues after coming home in the evening. Look and sound as refreshing as possible, and talk softly. Make sure you are all dressed-up and smell lovely. Begin your sentences very softly, so he will be drawn closer to you to listen up. But make sure you are whispering something “really good”; something that will be enticing enough. But don’t get too carried away! Remember, you are only playfully flirting to get his attention.

5. The kiss, your best friend!
Sounds simple? Trust us, it isn’t! When you are looking to playfully attract his attention, you cannot just hold him and kiss him. Be more breezy and casual about it, but plan it smartly. When he least expects it, when he thinks you are busy doing something else, just walk to him and plant a gentle kiss, and continue with your work. You can even try this while having dinner; just bend over and kiss him!

6. Look into the eyes
This tried and tested technique never fails. Simply look into his eyes whenever you get a chance to. Even if he is busy on the computer, watching TV or casually talking to you over dinner, just look at him naughtily and don’t say anything at all. The hint is enough!

Try these fun ways, and be prepared for a passionate new start to your marriage!



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