JUNGLE JUSTICE: Assailants Attacks Palm Wine Tapper On Disputed Land

A palm wine tapper, Oyeyemi Omobolade, of Ipe-Akoko community of Ondo State, is currently battling to live following machete cuts he received from assailants while tapping wine on disputed land.

Oyeyemi Omobolade

The incident was said to have occurred on Saturday, January  25, when Oyeyemi went to a farm to tap palm wine in company with two of his friends.

Relatives of the victim said he had commenced his business on the palm trees when a group of young men, supposedly from Igbede, a rival community, attacked him with machetes.

One of the relatives, said, “The attackers accused him of trespassing on the disputed land. They thereafter attacked him and left him with deep machete cuts when they thought he was dead.”

His companions, who said they narrowly escaped being killed, brought his mutilated body to the community. He was immediately rushed to a hospital in Akure.

Oyeyemi, who has been receiving medical attention, is still unable to speak and almost losing one of his eyes as a result of the injuries he sustained.

His family was said to be having difficulty raising funds to carry out the required surgical operations that would keep him alive.

His elder brother, Mr. Banji Omobolade, said the situation had drained the family members’ income, adding that a lot of money was still required to continue with his treatment.

“We have been borrowing money to ensure that he continues with the treatment. This is really difficult for us,” he said.

He said the family members were at the state police command in Akure over the attack on Wednesday.

Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Wole Ogodo, while confirming the incident on Wednesday, explained that Oyeyemi was still unconscious in the hospital and would need to give his statement before the police could determine who to prosecute.

He said, “Young men from Igbede community attacked Oye when they learnt he was tapping palm wine on  the disputed land.

“But investigations are still ongoing to ascertain the facts of the matter, because we also learnt that after the attack, there was a reprisal by youths of Ipede.”


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