SHOCKER! 16-Yr-Old Kills Own Mother With Dumbbell

A 16-year-old from Washington State has been arrested for battering his mother to death with a dumbbell – one day after he gave an emotional interview questioning who could have done such a thing.

Photo: Brad George kills own mother

Brad George was arrested on Saturday after 37-year-old Georgina Latshaw was found dead in her bedroom on Friday afternoon by police after the Everett teen called 911.

He told the responding officers that he had found their apartment front door open when he returned from school and was too scared to go inside. The officers entered the home to find the bloody scene, but quickly found holes in the teen’s story and arrested him on Saturday.

He now faces charges of first degree murder in an adult court after admitting to police he killed his adoptive mother after suffering a psychotic episode.

The boy previously said:

“The police arrived and went upstairs and they came down and told me that my mom had passed away. She has supported me my whole life. She always knew what was best for us. I don’t know who could have done this.”

During questioning he reportedly said that he stopped taking his medications on February 1 and had not slept in three days. He said he had become concerned on Thursday night that Latshaw was poisoning him with bleach and in an effort to protect himself decided to kill her with the dumbbell.

The Everett teen then beat her around the head at least three times before cleaning off the blood from the weight and going to school – after which he phoned police after attempting to make it appear a fatal burglary had occurred.

According to police, the teen was arrested on Saturday and taken for an evaluation at a psychiatric hospital where he suddenly became catatonic. He then pulled a wooden arm off a chair and walked toward a nurse with his arm raised ready to strike her.

He was disarmed by two security guards after the nurse screamed for help. The teen is a currently a student at Overlake Speciality School for troubled children with special needs and has a history of violent outbursts and mental illness.

Police said that because of seriousness of his alleged crime, he will be tried in the adult legal system.


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