It Is Too Late For Northern Leaders To Oppose President Goodluck Jonathan -Alhaji Tanko Yakassai

photo - Northern Leaders Opposed To Jonathan Are COWARDS, Noisemakers — Tanko Yakassai

Alhaji Tanko Yakassai, leader of the Northern Elders Council, says it is too late for Northern leaders to oppose President Goodluck Jonathan. Those who argue against the current Presidency are, to Yakassai, mere “noisemakers” incapable of actual action.

The elder statesman says it is unfortunate that those who refused to join him in fighting for Northern Presidency after President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua died were the ones claiming to be fighting for the North now.

“I would say these people are mere noisemakers because they ran away when the opportunity presented itself for them to work for the retention of the Presidency when the former President died,” Yakassai said.“But they simply ran away leaving me alone. If they had joined me in the fight, we would have succeeded.

“Go and check the records. I am the one who wrote to the Senate President, David Mark, to condemn the ‘invention’ of the Doctrine of Necessity, which has no place in the Nigerian Constitution, but not many of those who are making noise today assisted me in any way.

“I challenge them to come and explain where they were when I started the campaign for a northern president. Where were they when I started the fight? The noisemakers do not wish Nigeria well.”

NEC, according to Yakassai, fully supports the forthcoming National Conference, and anyone with ideas on how to make Nigeria better should come forward instead of promoting hatred and division.

The lawmaker denied allegations that his group is being backed by the Government to scuttle the North’s desire to compete for the presidency.

It will be recalled that inauguration of the NEC in Kaduna on Thursday has come under attacks by some Northern politicians. Some described it as a group of politicians not enjoying the mandate of the people but working for themselves. Dr. Junaid Mohammed, Second Republic politician, even described the NEC as being composed of“political prostitutes” out to do the bidding of the Presidency.


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