Osun school drama: Students come in masquerade attire

The last has not been seen of the drama that has been unfolding at the Baptist High school Iwo, Osun state as some students of the school came to school yesterday in masquerade attires, in protest of the new law that allows Muslim students to wear Hijab to their school, which is a Christian’s Mission School. The students said they were also trying to register their own identity with their belief.

Since Monday this week, the school has been thrown into a state of chaos and confusion as students all came in apparrels that they claim are synonymous to their religious beliefs. Christians came in their choir robes and white garments, the Muslim students came in their Hijabs and Jalabias while the traditionalist amongst them came in their fetish looking apparels.

Speaking on the development, the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, Osun state Chapter, Rev Elisha Ogundiya said the Christians were not responsible for the crisis in the school.

“We are not responsible for the crisis in the school. The students are just expressing their rights. If Muslim children are allowed to wear Hijab to school, I don’t see any reason why Christian children cannot wear their choir robes to school or children of those practicing traditional religion dressed in their regalia. We warned them against this before now. Why Hijab in schools? We saw it coming and we warned the government against it, but they refused to listen. All the pupils are free to dress the way they like to school. It is their right”.

Meanwhile men of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) have been stationed at all schools in the state, the Baptist High School in particular, to help maintain law and order.


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