Opinion: Am I An Awful Girlfriend For Doing This?

This girl wants to know if not cleaning up after her boyfriend makes her a bad person.

I have been dating my boyfriend (he’s 27 years old) for about four months now and I do a lot for him! At least when I am in the mood. But recently, we have been quarreling over his expectations of me as his girlfriend. My boyfriend believes that as his girlfriend, even though we are not yet married, not even a single word of commitment in sight, that I am supposed to always cook for him, clean up when he is done, do his laundry and still warm his bed. Forgetting that I am a student and I have a very busy life too, plus my parents’ errands to run too.

I have told him yes, I don’t mind taking care of these things. But it shouldn’t be every time. He expects me to cook for him everyday, make sure his 3 square meals are ready before he leaves and gets back home from work. He expects me to clean up after him when he’s done eating. Then each time I visit him, there are always heaps upon heaps of his clothes, bedsheets, boxers to wash. This guy is a grown man, he can do these things himself. But we keep arguing and arguing. Then he starts saying hurtful things that make me feel so guilty and bad, that make me cry most times.

Like I said before, I won’t mind doing it sometimes for him. But he sees it as my duty. We are not even engaged not to talk of married.

Please, am I an awful girlfriend for my stand? Or is he right? Please, who else here does her loved one’s laundry?


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