Defecting Senators Snub David Mark

PDP to APC, on Monday shunned a meeting with the Senate leadership, David Mark.

Efforts by Senate President ark to pacify the defecting senators, Bukola Saraki, Danjuma Goje, Shaba Lafiagi, Magnus Abe and others who are aggrieved over therefusal of the Senate leadership to read their defection letter, as they had expected, during last Wednesday’s plenary did not fall through.


It was learnt that Mark arrived his office at about 10am and after a four-hour fruitless wait for the defecting senators left for his residence at 2pm.

According to one of the defecting senators who craved anonymity, they did not deliberately shun the morning meeting with the Senate President, adding that they were not properly briefed about the time and venue of the meeting.

The meeting was once again fixed for Monday evening at Mark’s official residence in the Apo Legislative Quarters, but he was disappointed yet again as none of the aggrieved senators came for the evening meeting.

However, one of the  principal officers said the meeting was called off based on an understanding between Mark and the aggrieved senators  to meet on Tuesday.

He said, “You cannot say they shunned the meeting because both parties agreed to study the atmosphere at tomorrow’s (today’s) plenary before holding this type of meeting. These are politicians who had made up their minds that they would defect. What if they agree to halt their defection here and stand up  at tomorrow’s   plenary and say another thing. The meeting was shifted till tomorrow (today) based on mutual understanding between the two parties.”

It was also confirmed by a senior aide of the senate president, that the meeting had been rescheduled for Tuesday evening.


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