Atiku Is A Political Chameleon – Agoro

Olapade Agoro, a former presidential aspirant, has called Atiku Abubakar a political chameleon that changes his politics to suit the situation. He advised the former Vice President to quit politics now and focus on his business activities.

Agoro, who is a founder of National Action Council (NAC), condemned the former Vice President’s decision to leave the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He said Atiku again demonstrated to the world that he is not a serious and principled character, but one that is ready to switch sides once his ambition is not realized, adding that Atiku is like “a chameleon that can change his colour anytime.”

“A serious character will demonstrate quality leadership and morals. Atiku lost out in PDP and went to ACN. No sooner had he settled down in ACN that he jumped ship and went back to PDP,” Agoto said.

He also maintained that Atiku would soon try to return to the PDP because the APC would never choose him as its presidential flagbearer.

“Atiku is a chameleonic character of no value. I know for sure that APC will never field him as their presidential candidate,” he stated.

Agoro called on the former VP to quit politics now “when the ovation is loudest” and focus on his chain of investments. According to Agoro, Atiku “has a lot to offer in business than in politics.”

To recall, Atiku announced his decision to leave the PDP on February 2. He, however, denied he that he joined the APC so that he could run for president in 2015


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